Want to go into the Network Security field...how do I get there?

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Want to go into the Network Security field...how do I get there?

Сообщение greglazor » 19 май 2018, 13:14


I have decided this morning that I am officialy sick of my current job/career. I work in a natural gas field as a measurement tech. While its nice to work outside in the great outdoors I don't think I want to do this for the rest of my life. I have always been interested in Network Security. I read this morning on the main ars page about a report from a security company that some organized cybercrime groups are forming orginizations similiar to the mafia. I want to be one of the guys that investigates this stuff.My question is if I wanted to get into this field, going into it with next to zero experiance, where should I start? I have been trying to find colleges / universities that offer degrees in "information security" but I haven't seen very much yet. Granted I have only been searching schools in the Rocky Mountain states ( I live in Wyo )so my options as far as schools is very limited. I was hoping to find a degree program that I could do over the internet but so far nothing. I am not above moving to go back to school, but preferably I would like to find something online so I don't have to quit my job ( at least not yet )which pays pretty good. Its kind of a challenge to find legit schools that offer courses of any kind in this regard. I have been doing google searches trying to find them and I get nothing but an endless list of university of phoenix / itt tech clones.Also, would it better to just try and get as many certifications as I can instead of school?

Please help.

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